For your consideration

For your consideration

Every year, the editors and publishers of Jewish newspapers and magazines gather to talk shop and honor the best of our writings.

This year, this week, the meeting was in New Orleans — a nice place to visit, but not in the heat of summer. But while we stayed home, we were pleased to be honored with three awards for the work we did last year.

I received an award for “Excellence in Writing about Black-Jewish Relationships” for “Reinventing the narratives of Blacks and Jews,” which appeared in our April 29, 2022 issue. I reported on Marc Dollinger, a professor at San Francisco State University who was scheduled to speak at a Teaneck synagogue that weekend.

I received another award, for “Excellence in Writing about Jewish Heritage and Jewish Peoplehood in Europe,” for my October 26 article, “A talk on the wild side.” There, an Israeli doctoral student discussed Jewish occultism in Eastern Europe before he gave a talk at another Teaneck synagogue.

And our editor in chief, Joanne Palmer, received an award for “Excellence in News Obituaries” for her October 6 piece, “Remembering Edward Mosberg,” about the local Holocaust survivor who was silent until he decided that he had to tell his story.

What particularly pleases us about these awards is they are all deeply rooted in the people and institutions of the communities we cover and try to serve. We see our role as helping our communities talk to each other by telling their stories. To be able to do that, week after week and year after year, is a heady honor and responsibility.

To be recognized by our peers for that work is just icing on the cake.

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