Get the truth

Get the truth

The truth cannot be adjusted to fit one’s political beliefs or dreams. Too few Jews have studied the history of   their people and the history of modern Israel and the peace process. Anyone who thinks that Palestinian Muslims are joking when they chant “from the river to the sea, the land occupied by the Jews will be ours” is fooling himself. Apparently such people are not aware of the values and threats Israel shares with the West. While no country is perfect (compare Israel to Russia, China, England, and even the United States), consider the effect of one more Jew criticizing Israel publicly before you write to The New York Times. Before you criticize the building of settlements, consider the fact that the future Palestine is destined to be free of all Jews. Our enemies have not won on the battlefields, but they are now winning the hearts and minds of a world reverting to the incurable disease of anti-Semitism and political propaganda. Israel has to make difficult decisions for the security of its citizens, which include one million Russian refugees, as well as refugees from the Arab countries and the Holocaust, while protecting its democratic values.

I highly recommend Shalom TV ( available live on Cablevision and “on-demand” on Comcast and Time Warner. You can have the benefit of commentary by analysts both in Israel and the United States on the major issues facing us today. You will be inspired and educated. You will fall in love with Israel, our homeland, the most amazing country in the world.

Naomi Vilko, M.D.
Psychiatry and Corporate Consulting

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