Help wanted

Help wanted

When Mark Weis of Teaneck saw the help-wanted sign at the Englewood ShopRite, he knew he had to snap a picture.

He didn’t know that the image soon would make its way around the world, showing up on Israeli WhatsApp groups and on the Facebook page of a very Jewishly knowledgeable Muslim acquaintance of ours who lives in Pasadena, California.

But then, how often are there job postings for a mashiach — that’s Hebrew for messiah — whether or not they’re full-time?

Before forwarding this posting to your friends who can trace their roots back to King David (a surprisingly large percentage of the Jewish community, in fact), you also should consider the possibility that this is simply a typo, and that the ShopRight Human Relations department simply dropped the letter g and were advertising for a mashgiach, that is to say, a kashrut supervisor.

On the other hand, given that the store recently suffered extensive flooding due to Hurricane Ida, perhaps the store really is looking for a redeemer with the skill set necessary to part the waters.

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