How to braid a round challah

How to braid a round challah

“A Time to Grow: A PJ Library Family Guide to the Fall Holidays,” included directions on how to make and braid a round challah. The PJ guide is a great free resource to help Jewish families around North America celebrate the fall holidays. Challah usually is shaped in a simple long braid, but you can also braid it in the round, as holiday tradition calls for. Prepare your favorite challah dough and then follow along with the steps below. If you can braid a standard challah, you definitely can make a round challah.

Shape the dough into six strands of equal length. Lay three strands horizontally on a floured surface, then weave the other three strands into them vertically. Lift the bottom strands as needed to weave the top strands in. The ends of the strands will stick out. Now braid the ends together on all four sides.

Gently tuck the braided edges underneath the middle section and voila — you have a round challah!

The full PJ Library guide can be downloaded at