Israelis pass on “password”

Israelis pass on “password”

If you’re looking to break into the computer of an Israeli friend or business rival, don’t bother trying the password “password.”

That’s because, according to password manager NordPass’s annual report on the most popular passwords, the world’s most popular and therefore least secure password only clocks in at 106 on the Israeli list of popular passwords — no doubt because English letters are a bit of a pain for Israelis to type when they’re using a Hebrew keyboard.

Instead, all but one of the 33 most popular Israeli passwords are simply digits, starting with “123456,” which is second most popular worldwide and number two in Israel.

Israel’s most popular password is “sha256,” which computer security nerds know refers to one of the mathematical algorithms underlying the computer encryption that protects passwords.

Which raises the question: why are Israelis using an easily guessed, too-short-to-be-secure password if they know about the underlying secrets of computer security?

Darned if we know.

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