Knesset member ejected following cat calls

Knesset member ejected following cat calls

Knesset Member Moshe Abutbul of the opposition Shas Party may have thought his protest of the Israeli government’s budget proposal was the cat’s meow, but Knesset security guards were not amused.

Actually, his protest was a cat’s meow, which could be heard in videos of last week’s marathon Knesset session, during which Israel’s first state budget in more than three years was approved.

Abutbul was ridiculing a provision that spends $3.8 million to neuter stray cats.

But when he escalated his protest and started waving around a toy cat, Knesset ushers pounced. They confiscated the stuffed animal, and marched Abutbul out of the chambers for violating the parliament’s rule that legislators “shall not exhibit any object in the Knesset plenum, and shall not make use of an object or caption for the purpose of expressing his position.”


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