Don’t muddy waters by painting with the same brush

I agree with the statement by Mr. Foxman, “What scares me is the loss of truth,” contained in the editorial, “Old hate in new bottles,” Jewish Standard, October 21, 2022.  This is no better illustrated than within this editorial.  We are informed that “antisemitism’s back,” and the editor links former president Trump to it.

We learn that, “the social conventions changed with the Trump presidency.”  “As everyone knows, during the last few weeks the former president, Donald J. Trump, has made antisemitic statements on his social media platform, Truth Social.”  One of the antisemitic statements that “everyone knows” (excluding me), seemingly covers Jews living in the U.S. that, “U.S. Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in – Israel – before it is too late.”  We don’t know the percentage of Jews who fall into this category, excluding the orthodox, but whatever the percentage is, it’s too high.  Does this fall within the old definition of antisemitism, I believe not?  We also learn that Trump is feeding antisemitism via the fact that, “he’s so proud of what he did for Israel.”  How have his statements fueled the idea of Jews being, “disloyal, of having dual loyalty, of not being reliable.”?  A lot of accusations but no facts to back them up.

JP further nails her indictments of Trump by bringing in Kanye West as his fellow traveler.  How better to prove her point than to muddy the waters by painting the two with the same brush?

The editorial finishes with two quotes, “What scares me is the loss of truth,” by Foxman, and from JP,  “It is not clear what we can do to fight that loss of truth, …”  It is very clear what they can do to fight the loss of truth!  Both can look in their respective mirrors and see where the calumny against Trump and the vast majority of his supporters is coming from.

Howard J. Cohn
New Milford

Halacha means loving the stranger

Shimon Smith (“enough with the irrigation system,” Nov. 11) bemoans the likely installation of “the most right-wing, halachically observant government Israel has ever had.”

I just thought that the phrase, “halachically observant,” necessarily embracing the halachic values of “love your neighbor…love the stranger,” could not abide appearing alongside the phrase “right-wing” in the same political label — given the latter’s associations with intolerance and bigotry.  A “right-wing, halachically observant,” government, therefore, would be based on an oxymoron.

Art Lerman

Soros is a JINO

Shammai Englemeyer’s hatred for all things Trump is boundless, to wit: he presents a 2018 study by Edwards & Rushin, entitled, The Effect of President Trump’s Election on Hate Crimes, published by SSRN, a non-peer-reviewed open-access online service. The 24-page essay is filled with statistical gobbledygook and psychobabble and is based on raw data that cannot be substantiated or relied upon. The authors themselves claim that the data is small and therefore any suggestions, results, and proofs cannot be fully appreciated. The truth is from the title alone, the authors suggest that hate crimes began the day Trump was elected. I find it odd that the rabbi completely ignores and glosses over comments made by Obama which was the locus of BLM’s creation nor inflammatory comments made by Senator Schumer, so-called comedians, and members of the Squad. Now that DeSantis is becoming a rising star and possibly the next Republican President, accusations of hate-speech rhetoric are being heaped on him as well.

I would also include Trump’s comments about George Soros. George Soros, the billionaire financier, who has funneled millions of dollars into progressive AG election campaigns, is nothing more than a JINO, a Jew in Name Only. Sharp criticisms by Trump of Soros have nothing to do with antisemitism, nor do I wish Soros to be associated with my tribe.

Hate speech from all points of the compass ultimately leads to violence as we have seen from the beginning of time. I would suggest that those who point fingers at one political segment point in other directions as well.

Herbert Burack

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