Yiddish and ‘Outwitting history’

As someone who lived most of her adult life in Massachusetts and whose daughter attended Hampshire College, I was delighted to see the Yiddish Book Center highlighted in the Jewish Standard/New Jersey Jewish News on Sept. 2 (“The wonders of a rainy day”). The story of how Aaron Lansky and others rescued millions of Yiddish books is definitely worth sharing. In the article, Ms. Rader Smith mentions that she and her friend don’t know how Aaron Lansky communicated with people and got the word out. For your readers who are interested in knowing more about this inspiring story, I highly recommend Aaron’s Lansky’s book “Outwitting History.”

We should all be grateful to the Yiddish Book Center for preserving and re-energizing the cultural heritage of many American Jews.

Rabbi Hannah Orden
Congregation Beth Hatikvah, Summit

YU cannot approve ‘LBGTQ life style’

In his letter in the September 16 issue (“Thank you, Joseph Kaplan”), Bernie Mintz seems to advocate an acceptance of LBGTQ with a club status, and that, he says, is not necessarily an approval of the LBGTQ life style.

He also seems to imply that YU might lessen LBGTQ suicides. It seems to me that there is a false syllogism in all of this. Would a “Jews for Jesus” club also be acceptable at YU? YU is setting a standard for the institution. It is not an attempt to control the private life of individuals. One should take pride in being accepted as a student in YU without having to draw attention to his or her own sexual preferences. YU is not stopping LBGTQ students from socializing with each other.

Joel M. Glazer

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