Majority views

Majority views

While Josh Block, the new CEO and president of The Israel Project, casts himself as fighting against “an industry of misinformation,” he proves himself a purveyor of it, particularly when it comes to J Street. (“Combatting an ‘industry of misinformation,’” May 22).

Contrary to Block’s claims, J Street’s views are closely mirrored by the mainstream of the American Jewish community. Surveys of Americans and of American Jews consistently show both groups share J Street’s support for a two-state solution, U.S. leadership to achieve it, and criticism of the parties — including Israel — when they act in ways that are counterproductive to the pursuit of two states.

Block readily throws those holding these majority views under the bus. A UN resolution that tracks closely with U.S. policy cannot be categorized as “anti-Israel” simply because it is critical of Israeli settlement expansion, nor can J Street be falsely accused of not supporting Israel’s right to self-defense simply because it believes in the need for a peace agreement with the Palestinians. The challenges facing Israel are as serious as they are nuanced. Confronting them will require more than spin.

Martin J. Levine
The writer is a member of the Executive Committee and Communications Committee cochair for the Northern New Jersey chapter of J Street.

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