March madness

March madness

The month of March means different things to different people. And it means absolutely nothing to some people. The saying goes, “March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb,” unless, of course, there is a huge snowstorm at the end of March, and then that saying is shot into oblivion. March is the month of Purim, the month of Husband #1’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, some of my dear friends’ birthdays; but in the days of old, the days before black hats and using the word “shtark,” the days before my monkeys turned into oreos, the days before I knew who Rav Avigdor Miller was, the month of March meant March Madness. The basketball tournament.

It was the month of brackets and watching games until all hours of the night. It was the month of being in a bad mood if your team lost before the final four, it was the month of speaking about college teams that you never had heard of before and might never hear of again. It was the month that this mother of boys dreaded, because she never knew what was going on or what a “gonzaga” was. I actually googled, “What is a gonzaga?” and it turns out it was the name of a Jesuit priest. I always thought it was the school’s mascot. Nope, the school’s mascot is a bulldog. You are welcome.

I decided to discuss this very interesting topic because in years past, I would never participate in the whole making-a-bracket thing. I loved when my monkeys did it, because anything they did together without me having to initiate made me happy. And when you see your children working together on something that doesn’t involve anything messy or life threatening, it just warms your heart. But leave me out of it. The only basketball I ever followed was the Frisch Junior Varsity team that I was the manager of in their 1987-88 season. I knew how to use the clock and keep score. Don’t laugh at me. I also thought that Christian Laettner was really cute. He played for Duke in the ’80s, I think. I am sorry that I am going off on total tangents but it’s my column and I will tangent if I want to. Sorry, bad joke.

Okay, back to making a point. For some reason, this year at the beginning of March Madness, I said to Husband #1, “Honey, this year, I pick the Tar Heels to go all the way.” He just looked at me with that I-am-not-sure-how-to-respond face and said, “Ok, sounds good.” The Tar Heels are from North Carolina. What is a Tar Heel? To quote Google word for word, “To call someone ‘tar heel’ was to imply that they worked in a lowly trade. During the Civil War, North Carolina soldiers flipped the meaning of the term and turned an epithet into an accolade. They called themselves ‘tar heels’ as an expression of state pride.” So now we know that fun fact. Wow, who knew my column could be so educational! I hope some of my former teachers are reading this, and if they are they are probably thinking, “She didn’t really do anything in my class. It’s nice to see she is putting her mind to something now.” Aww shucks teacher, thanks for the vote of confidence.

I picked the Tar Heels because Son #1 used to wear a Tar Heel shirt that he probably got from a friend. But then something happened within the world of March Madness. It was a Cinderella story. Some college from New Jersey, of all places, was winning when it was not supposed to do that. Their team is the Peacocks. Which I found to be a very interesting name to represent a basketball team. What you think “Peacock” don’t you think ballet or some form of gymnastics? Certainly not basketball, but it’s still cool that they are from Jersey.

On Sunday, the Peacocks were playing the Tar Heels and then I was torn because you always want the underdog to win, especially if they are from your home state, right? Am I sounding a little manic? I am feeling a little manic as I am writing this. Maybe it is the two Excedrins for migraine I took for the sympathy headache I got from spending too much time with Husband #1. The medicine makes me a little jittery, but it does a fantastic job on my headache. I guess the manic things is just a bonus. Ok, I need to take a breath.

So, in conclusion, the Tar Heels did beat the Peacocks — truthfully, they squashed them — but we are still really proud of the Peacocks because they made it a lot farther than anyone else thought they would, so good for them and better luck next year.

As for my Tar Heels, they might have lost by the time this goes to print, and truthfully, that is ok too, because no one really cares anyway. I hope that you are enjoying the end of March, and that April turns out to be a totally amazing, healthy, happy, joyous and fantastic month. Yup, that’s all I got.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck would like to thank the person who left her five king size snickers in her mail box. She really and truly appreciates the love!!!!

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