Merch o’ Manischewitz

Merch o’ Manischewitz

In 2022, what happens on Twitter doesn’t stay on Twitter.

And that’s as true of kosher food innovations as it is of neofascist politics.

Which explains why Manischewitz, the Bayonne-based kosher food product maker, now has a merch store selling tee shirts and hoodies with, well, not your grandmother’s recipes.

Last spring, we reported on the faux flavors of macaroons created for the Twitter account, including borscht, horseradish, charoset, and hash brownies.

Over the summer, the account went viral again — and boosted its followers by 20 percent, to 6,608 — with a product mock-up for a ballpark-friendly variation of an Ashkenazi classic taste: gefilte dogs.

That even got the attention of the Wall Street Journal.

Now, thanks to the wonders of custom print-on-demand tee shirt design, you too can be a walking billboard for “Manischewitz: Home of the gefilte dog.”

You say you prefer not to promote fictional products?

How about “Manischewitz: The soup with balls.”

As they say: Where’s the lie?