MetroWest and JTA

MetroWest and JTA

It was appropriate that NJJN acknowledged the 100th anniversary of JTA, an organization that has had a remarkable track record of providing news of world Jewry to newspapers and individuals around the globe, “JTA at 100” (April 6). It was also lovely to recognize the contributions to JTA’s success of Greater MetroWest community members such as Mark Wilf, dinner honoree and longtime member of its board of directors, and JTA’s editor-in-chief Andrew Silow-Carroll, former editor-in-chief of NJJN.

Unfortunately, your editorial failed to recognize the critical contributions by two other MetroWest community members: Brian Sterling of Montclair — dinner honoree, JTA board and executive committee member, and head of JTA’s development committee; and my wife, Elisa Spungen Bildner, also of Montclair. She’s a former president of JTA’s board of directors and was co-chair of the 100th anniversary dinner. Elisa serves on the executive committee and is considered by most observers to have played a critical role in transforming JTA into a thriving organization. 

Robert Bildner

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