Not interested in U.S. opinions 

Not interested in U.S. opinions 

I would give Martin Raffel’s “Open letter to Israeli voters” (Sept. 5) and the opinion of many other American Jews more credence if they hadn’t continued to support the Democratic Party of Pres. Barack Obama, who not only used U.S. taxpayer money to influence Israel elections, he weaponized the IRS against Israel, derided Israel’s warnings about Iran’s nuclear threat, and, as a goodbye gesture, chose not to support Israel in the UN. This is the same Democratic Party that chooses to close ranks to defend itself rather than condemn the anti-Semitism of its most vocal members.

You — Democrats, the majority of U.S. Jews — are the ones who called Pres. Trump anti-Semitic for suggesting that Jews were irrational to support a party that does nothing to eliminate anti-Semitism and everything to weaken Israel. And you blame Trump for racism and divisiveness that obviously started and grew under Obama; when he was elected, the country was united enough to elect a black man as POTUS. By the time he left office the country was so divided that half the people wanted the opposite of Obama — and they got it.

When you straighten out American politics, we Israeli voters may be interested in what you have to say.

David Shaffer

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