Obama delivers

Obama delivers

Because of Superstorm Sandy, the Nov. 1 NJJN issue arrived at my house on Nov. 23. Thus, we have the benefit of hindsight when reading the “pre-election” coverage of the presidential race — and as it relates to the counterpoint columns by Dennis Prager and Theodore Eisenberg, we have the additionalperspective of the Gaza Strip conflict Israel just (hopefully) concluded with Hamas.

Mr. Eisenberg explains eloquently that the “Obama is anti-Israel” crowd had been ignoring the facts all along while Mr. Prager points to numerous instances where he believes that President Obama fell short in supporting Israel. Who knew that less than two weeks after the election, this debate could be effectively settled? It is clear who was right about our president and the ultimate evidence is President Obama’s actions during the Gaza conflict. During this unfortunate mini-war with Hamas, we saw a U.S. president who was responsible for helping Israel build the vaunted Iron Dome  missile  defense system, who never waivered from complete support for Israel’s right to defend herself, who sent Secretary of State Clinton to help forge a cease-fire, and who concluded by pledging to request more funds to further enhance Israel’s life-saving missile defense.

To reiterate, this debate should now be over. When Israel most needed our unconditional support as well as crucial military aid in the form of missile defense, our country and President Obama delivered in a way that should make us all proud. The cottage industry built around “Obama is anti-Israel” should now be dismantled.

Scott Mack

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