Out of touch

Out of touch

Australia just told the U.S. State Department that they see Iran going nuclear as “A desirable counterbalance to the present-day state of play in the Middle East.” Most countries are coming around to that point of view. Andrew Silow-Carroll is kidding himself and his readers (“Ask Dr. Difference, fear edition,” Jan. 6) if he is not aware that what used to be called The Silent Majority is getting sick of Israel. Articles like the Time Magazine cover story — “Why Israel Doesn’t Want Peace” — are having an effect. A feature film dramatizing the Goldstone Report will be in theaters in a few months. BDS is not a “marginal” movement as he states; it’s picking up steam every day. Senator John Kerry recently returned from a trip to Gaza and told Obama and Hillary that the conditions he witnessed were “shocking.” I know you won’t print this letter, but you’re badly out of touch with reality and giving your readers a false sense of security.

Raquel Sherman

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