Outraged by comparisons

Outraged by comparisons

I am writing in response to recent comparisons made in many media outlets between the immigration crisis and the Holocaust. I sympathize with the separation of the children from their mothers and agree that measures should be taken by both parties to ensure a resolution. However, what these media outlets are doing is ethically and morally wrong. They are comparing the current immigration crisis to the Holocaust. As the daughter and granddaughter of Holocaust victims and survivors from Buchenwald and Auschwitz, I am outraged.   

The illegal immigrants and their families were not forcibly thrown out of their homes by the United States, placed in cramped cattle cars without food and water, and sent to fake showers, real gas chambers, and ovens to be cremated. Many during the Holocaust were separated from their parents to be exterminated. While the conditions in the detention centers are not ideal, I am sure they are far better than those offered to the children in the concentration camps in Europe during World War II when six million Jews were murdered for being Jewish.

By comparing the atrocities of the Holocaust with current events, media outlets are belittling the Nazis’ actions. The journalists and those guilty of making these comparisons owe an apology to every Holocaust survivor as well as to every mother, father, and child brutally murdered by the Nazis. 

If you don’t agree with the policies, then find some other way to protest and stop making this irrational analogy.

Fair Lawn

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