Dear Young People,

I am so very sorry that I lack the wisdom and talent to straighten and strengthen the paths to good and meaningful lives for all of you, especially you who live as Jews in America. You have inherited a land laced with evil, a land where promises and honor are meaningless.

Your land, my land, is now a land of paradoxical hypocrisy, where the self-defined defenders of life who deny the rights of women to have abortions, are those same individuals who enhance your ability to buy and use unconcealed military weapons, which are designed to take vast numbers of human lives, to shatter hopes and dreams in classrooms and supermarkets and any other place where innocents assemble, even in their strollers, even in their homes, even in their beds. This group of crazed and incompetent people bely their title. They are called justices of the Supreme Court. With the notable exception of three, or occasionally four, they are un-justices, ruled by arcane dishonesty designed to destroy our way of life.

These same life-lovers who want you to carry a gun wherever you go also want to secure the rights of the unborn. How is it possible that an abortion is abhorrent to them, because a potential life may be destroyed, but a gun is not, where actual living breathing lives are brutally eradicated? That’s a rhetorical question! We see in state after state, that those with the most stringent abortion laws are home to the most flagrant gun owning and carrying laws. I’m perplexed. Aren’t you?

I understand the nuance of abortion. I too am a mother and was overjoyed at being pregnant five times. Personally, if I were of childbearing age, I would find it almost impossible to have an abortion, unless there was an overwhelmingly powerful reason to do so. My lost pregnancy, a miscarriage, in 1974, caused me much emotional pain, and to this day, I still wonder who that missing person in my life would have become.

I acknowledge, however, that there are many reasons why a woman would seek an abortion, and I refuse to judge you on your own choice. My choice and your choice should be framed in the context of the freedom to make those choices, not by the Supreme Court. What right do they have to impinge upon your right to your body? The answer is simply that they have none!

And lest you think the court has completed their attempts to remove our freedoms, there are still many more troubling decisions ahead. Our cherished freedom of religion is now trickling away with a new ruling that allows encouraging public prayer in competitive sports. I truly hate to be paranoid, but this is not something we Jews need or want. We know that reactionary government policies are never good for us. I wonder if that decision would have been the same if the coach were davening Musaf on the floor of the stadium. Or if he were a Muslim being called to prayer, five times throughout the day.

I’m sorry that the world you are inheriting is so frightening and evil. It didn’t have to be this way. My generation didn’t have to subject you to the ills of dishonorable, dishonest, and generally deviant politicians who are striving to destroy these United States, assisted by millions of ignorant citizens. There were lessons to be learned and moral battles to be won. It is obvious to me that my cohort was unsuccessful in combating these issues, that we had too much faith that the tenets of this country would protect us. We are the generation that said, over and over, “It could never happen here.” Today I want to tell you that it’s clear that it could happen here. And even seeing the writing, the bold writing, on the proverbial wall, doesn’t seem to promulgate action. We are the generation that didn’t learn anything. At best we were impotent. At worst we said nothing.

I was born the same month that Hitler invaded Poland, in September 1939. Of course I didn’t know then that millions of our people, along with many others, would be murdered in cold blood, or worse. As a young child growing up in peaceful Newark, I knew nothing.

So I lived my young life as an innocent, and when I was old enough to consider the facts of life, I was optimistic that wars and havoc and evil were over and that mankind had at last learned their lesson. I didn’t know what Shakespeare had said — Hell is empty and all the devils are here. How prescient he was!

Our country has been challenged before, but never with the platitudinous banality of today. I remember Watergate and I remember McCarthy. I especially remember the famous quote, “Senator, have you no shame?” How very often we could employ that line in today’s environment, appropriate to so many who exemplify injustice and criminal dishonesty, instead of standing up in opposition. Indeed, have they no shame?

Dayenu! Is not the corruption of the Supreme Court enough? It’s barely the beginning.

We have not missed a single televised hearing of the House Committee, which is investigating the election results of 2020. Its members are dedicating their search to an event in U.S. history that makes Watergate seem amateurish. Was it only the attempted coup on our government when a huge armed band of criminals, eagerly egged on by the deranged former president of this country, attacked our United States Capitol building? No. Hardly.

That horrendous event was preceded by attempts to overthrow the election of 2020 by a series of criminal tactics that failed in each and every case. That was the miracle, the only glimmer of hope in this entire dismal story of Roe and woe. But yet, tens of millions of our fellow citizens still believe the lie of a stolen election to be true, despite the testimony to the committee of numerous Republican officials, who swore, under oath, of their own victimization, of their own fights to remain honorable and to adhere to Constitutional law..

Complicating our lives was also the government’s ineptitude in handling a virus that has taken so many and was handled so incompetently. And yes, we are constantly reminded that the scourge continues, although too many of us have forgotten.

Again, I feel the need to apologize, to tell you I am so sorry and that if there were something, anything, I could do to make it better I surely would. If you are thinking of leaving this country, I do understand. We had a good ride here, and perhaps now the alarm is blaring. Perhaps we should do what so many generations of our people decided to do in years, and centuries, gone by. Perhaps we deceive ourselves that things can get better.

I know how challenging moving away would be. Jobs, families, property. Money. Those are all things that kept some of our ancestors from leaving their homes and countries. When does someone know when and if the time has come? Is it only when it is too late?

I don’t have the answers. I wish I did.

Rosanne Skopp of West Orange is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of 14, and great-grandmother of three.    She is a graduate of Rutgers University and a dual citizen of the United States and Israel.  She is a lifelong blogger, writing blogs before anyone knew what a blog was!

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