Parental choice

Parental choice

Thank you for your report on the Orthodox Union’s breakfast on the “tuition crisis” (“Orthodox forum hears pleas for tuition relief,” Sept. 22).

Having been immersed in the issue of parental choice in education since 1993, when then-gubernatorial candidate Christie Whitman promised us a pilot school voucher program, please allow me to share some important information that has not reached the public. An educated public is crucial to resolving this major crisis, which impacts far more than education.

New Jersey is the first state in the nation to have a bill to end the discriminatory treatment of nonpublic school students, and provide equitable funding for every child in the state. The Parental Right Program Act (S2914/A4033), known as “The Bucco Bill,” follows the plan first proffered by the late free-enterprise economist Milton Friedman in 1955, providing a school voucher which parents can utilize at any approved public, private, or religious school.

While this bill does not have the support of even one Democrat, it has the support of 27 Republican and two Independent candidates for the NJ State Legislature, including 10 incumbents and 19 challengers.

Every voter can help pass this bill by determining which of their candidates for State Legislature support this bill and acting accordingly.

By working together for the common good, we will not only help our yeshiva families, but every child in the state of New Jersey. With improved and competitive education at lower cost, society will improve in countless ways, for everything begins with the education of our children.

Israel Teitelbaum

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