Growing up, my parents took me to a lot of places. I think I have mentioned before that my brother and I have napped in some of the nicest museums around the country (and England, France and Israel…the only other countries I have been fortunate enough to travel to). One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to is Giverny, the home of Monet’s waterlilies. (For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, you can Google it, and hopefully, one day visit it, because it is absolutely breathtaking). My parents took us to many Broadway shows, ballets, and Philharmonic performances. My point is that when Husband #1 met me, I was cultured. I knew a lot about a lot of stuff. Stuff that I thought was both important and interesting.

As for Husband #1, he was not as cultured as I was. On our first date, he took me to a Yankee game via subway. I was wearing white shorts (at that point, I still looked decent in white shorts, please don’t judge). I still married him, despite the classy first date. I would go on about artists and composers and he would look at me like I was a Martian — he actually still looks at me like that most of the time. When we were blessed with our monkeys, I really wanted to be like my parents, but I was usually out-voted to take three little boys and the fourth “biggest boy” to experience the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (And some of that cultural stuff is very pricey.) Hence, our annual summer baseball trips. And baseball games that had nothing to do with the trips at all — just a “fun” Sunday activity. My parents, when they were able, took my boys on many cultural excursions and trips, but I will never be able to discuss Mozart or Picasso with any of them (though they are experts in Onkelos and Rashi…but that is for another column).

So time passes by, like it tends to do, and now I have Dil #1. Fortunately, she likes to do things. And since we are determined to be the best in-laws in the world, we do what she wants to do. This brings us to Passover 2021. My in-laws took us to a non-program in Sunny Isles (again, for another column). When Son #1 and Dil #1 joined us, we had activities planned. Activities are hard to do when you have oreos. You cannot go to the beach, you cannot sit by the pool (though that really isn’t considered an activity), but you can go bowling and to the aquarium. Of course, when you have a crazy mother-in-law and you go the aquarium, she spends the entire time yelling at other oreos who refuse to wear masks. It was not pretty. My oreos tried to hide from me when I was having these outbursts, but they are used to me already. The public, not so much.

Anyway, Dil #1 asked me if I liked puppies and I said yes (and I really do like puppies, I wasn’t just saying yes because I would say yes if she asked me if I liked hang gliding or drinking arsenic…) so we decided to go to a pet shop. Of course we called first to see if it was OK to play with the puppies even if we weren’t planning on buying any, because Dil #1 is very considerate and didn’t want to waste anyone’s time and give them the wrong idea. Though I would have loved to have taken one home (again, for another column), Husband #1 sat in the car and Dil #1 and I went inside. Those puppies are adorable. We got to play with three different ones and this is where the point of the column comes in (if there really is a point). Each puppy had a different personality and they reminded me of my kids when they were little. The first puppy was so excited to be out of his cage that he was practically flying in the little space we had to play with him. I managed to calm him down a little, but then he discovered my Dil’s adorable shoes with the pretty ribbons and he went to town on those. It was hysterical. The next puppy was a lot calmer and like to just watch us, but enjoyed being cuddled. And the third puppy was a yummy soft golden retriever who was both jumpy and intelligent. Sometimes, I really think they know what you are saying to them. And sometimes, they just want to do whatever they want to do — just like kids!!!

Who knew puppies had such different personalities? OK, maybe most of you did, but I didn’t, so I want to thank my Dil #1 for a really fun and adorable experience.

Banji Ganchrow of Teaneck wonders why anyone would fly home from Fort Lauderdale through Charlotte because it takes a very long time. And the landings were not ideal…. (Yes, for another column.)

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