Right of return key issue

Right of return key issue

“Settlements action seen roiling community” (Nov. 21) did not identify the critical obstacle for peace which is the Palestinian demand for the return of refugees to the pre-1967 borders of Israel.

The implementation of this demand would transform the Jewish community into a minority.

The refugee situation arose in 1947 when the Palestinians failed to stop the Jewish community from establishing a nation in the territory where they were a majority. This action was approved by the 1947 UN Partition Plan. Similarly, this plan also sanctioned an Arab nation in the remaining portion of the territory where the Palestinian Arabs were a majority. Shortly afterwards, in 1948, additional Palestinians were displaced when Israel was invaded by its Arab neighbors.

In contrast, Israel had reached a settlement with Egypt that had included the return of the territory that it had captured in 1973 and most important, it did not disturb the nature of either party to this settlement.

Later, in an attempt to restart negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Israel transferred full control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority, along with withdrawing the existing Jewish presence in this territory.

Is it not time to expect the Palestinian Authority to modify their refugee

Marvin Elmowitz
West Caldwell

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