Shame, shame

Shame, shame

A pox on all of those Jewish organizations whose pride was hurt because “the Jewish community” was not contacted first or that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not go through proper channels in accepting John Boehner’s invitation to speak to congress (“Bibi’s speech: Fair warning or political debacle,” Feb. 12).

The issue of Iran’s growing nuclear capabilities is much more important than this silly political infighting. Kudos to Netanyahu for accepting the invitation to bring the issue of Iran and its nuclear capabilities to Congress and the American people. Shame on President Obama for not being there to receive Netanyahu the way all heads of state are supposed to be received, and shame on him for not being there to hear Netanyahu speak. Shame on any U.S. senator or representative who is not there either. Shame on all of those who have turned this into a circus and yasher koach to Bibi for doing what he needs to do.

Susan Marx

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