Share the letter published in NJJN

Share the letter published in NJJN

How satisfying to read Johanna Ginsberg’s “Correspondence of suffering and absolution: A ‘remarkable’ Maplewood man receives letter of apology from granddaughter of Nazi sympathizer” (June 8). 

Each of us should tell this story to at least three people who do not read NJJN.

Lil Coopersmith


Doris Schott-Neuse, thank you for your bravery and clarity. You should be very proud of writing this letter. 

Your acknowledgement of the pain and horror this family, and many others, has gone through is very brave on your behalf. You chose not to bury the past but to acknowledge it. This was generations back and you are not guilty.

Please try to be at peace with yourself. Thank you for speaking aloud and putting your hand out. 

Fern Berman

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