That was then…

That was then…

I respect Paul Lieberman’s right to be and vote Republican (Letter to the Editor, “Time to Switch,” May 8). However, to be kind, his letter was distortive and misleading.

One of his major points focused on the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. We will put aside for the moment that it took place 50 years ago. But in taking pride in the fact that 81 percent of Republicans at that time, but only 65 percent of Democrats, voted in favor of the CRA, he conveniently leaves out that this was about the last time a majority of Republicans voted in favor of any civil rights, social welfare, or gender equity-type bill. Further, essentially all of the 35 percent of the Democrats who did not vote for the CRA were Southern Democrats (or their successors) who became

Mr. Lieberman’s letter panders to us Jews as if the only issue in the world for us is Israel, and as if our memories were feeble, and our sense of social justice non-existent.

Kalman A. Barson

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