The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount

Whenever the Temple Mount is mentioned, it’s called a holy place for Jews, Christians, and Moslems. While it’s true for the first two, it’s absolutely wrong for the third. The truth is that the mythos of Mohammed’s ascension from the Temple Mount to Heaven was made up after the beginning of the first aliyot about 150 years ago. As a matter of fact, Mohammed died in 632 in Medina, five years before the Moslems captured Jerusalem from the Byzantines in 637, so he could never have been there (Jerusalem also had never been mentioned in the Koran).

Meanwhile, in the Koran’s Surah 5:21 and 6:59 it is said that the Holy Land belongs to the Jews. So calling the Temple Mount a holy site for the Moslems and the claim by the Arabs for the entire Palestine as their historical homeland is a falsification of historical facts and the texts of the Koran. This is the truth.

Girsh Sorkin


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