This pope’s motives

This pope’s motives

The media was quick to dub the new Pope, Francis I, “humble.” Perhaps too quick.

Along comes Pope Francis and pushes his nose into economics, science, and politics. He gives the West a long lecture on the evils of capitalism. Coming from Argentina, which went bankrupt several years ago and is on the threshold of going bankrupt again, he seems ill-equipped to lecture on economics.

Most recently, the Pope delivered a speech on global warming and how the materialism of the Western capitalist countries is promoting climate change.

The “humble” Pope Francis was at his most arrogant when he signed a treaty recognizing a State of Palestine. None of the considerations that restrained other countries on this subject constrained this “humble” Pope. Then he canonized two nuns from what was 19th-century Palestine. He invited Aboud Abbas to the ceremony and presented him with a “peace” medal.

Why? His motives are clear. Christians are being persecuted in Muslim countries. Pope Francis wants to curry favor with Muslims so that they will go easy on Christians. He is saying, in effect, “I am your friend, not Israel’s. Look favorably on me and mine, because when it comes to Israel I believe as you believe.” This poison package he also gives to a Europe that is already seething with anti-Israel

So the Vatican joins Sweden in recognizing the West Bank as a state. By playing power politics, Pope Francis is going where no modern Pope has gone before. Traditionally, he is doing what Popes have always done for their own purposes: throwing Jews to the wolves.

S. Scheininger

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