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Trump’s negative acts

Trump’s negative acts

In response to the reader who supports Pres. Donald Trump (“Vote Trump,” March 26), never before have campaign managers and associates of a president been convicted of lying and engaging in illegal enterprises with Russia and foreign governments.

Never before has a president chosen an adviser (Stephen Bannon) who published white supremist articles in his magazines. 

Never before have we heard a president publicly denigrate Gold Star parents whose son died saving his comrades in battle.

Never before has a president claimed that he believes Vladimir Putin, instead of U.S. intelligence agencies. Never before has an interpreter been banned from attending and recording meetings with  foreign  representatives, preventing any documentation.

Never before has a president fired experienced intelligence officers and replaced them with unseasoned political pals.

Immediately after Trump withdrew U.S. troops from Syria, Turkey rolled in and killed our allies, the Kurds. The Kurds fought bravely against members of the Islamic State militant group and their deaths are on Trump’s bloody hands.

Trump’s treatment of people seeking asylum has been tragic. Over 700 children have been separated from their parents. Many have never been reunited, becoming wards of our government. Infants and very young toddlers are subject to cruel separation.

Many of these people came from countries in Central America where Trump had reduced the financial aid to the governments, causing the rise of criminal gangs who threatened their lives.

Trump’s tax plan helped the very wealthy, not the middle class. In New Jersey we are taxed double because we can’t deduct our real estate and state taxes from the federal taxes, nor can we deduct mortgage payments and charitable deductions. Also, New Jerseyans have been penalized by Trump’s administration because he withdrew funds that had been promised to build the Gateway tunnel and replace a bridge that would benefit the eastern part of the country.

In 2018 Trump disbanded the National Security Council’s office overseeing responses to pandemics. He has always denigrated science and this time he has really blundered. His lack of leadership has frittered away precious time.

He has truly made America suffer!

This is just a short list of Trump’s negative acts which have affected us and former allies around the world.

Lee Saal
West Orange

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