U.S. parallels Germany

U.S. parallels Germany

I was born in 1940; ergo I was not aware of the Holocaust that descended upon our people during my lifetime. Unfortunately, I am seeing terrible parallels today in the United States of America. 

We have elected a president, just as the Germans did in the 1930s, in a fit of nationalism and our president has defined his scapegoats just as the German chancellor did. Somehow the Jews always become the target of that fervor. 

When I read about the synagogue in Charlottesville, Va., being marched upon by neo-Nazis shouting “Burn the temple” while carrying torches and forcing Jews to exit a rear door carrying the Torahs for protection, I realized that this nation is on the same road as Germany was. 

Some of my brethren are apparently oblivious to that fact. To those readers who have expressed their disdain for Gabe Kahn’s analysis and writing (“White supremacists emboldened by the president,” Aug. 24), I would suggest that you advise them to stash their current reading material, “How to Grope Women for Dummies” by Donald Trump, and get their passports ready in order to be welcomed aboard the “Ship of Fools.” After all, this group of Nazis and David Duke followers in the KKK, whom the president has designated as having some “fine” people, is only a “passing fad” and will soon pass, so not to worry!

Joel F. Braverman
Long Branch

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