Week of remembrance

Week of remembrance

Thank you so much for highlighting the programs offered to the community in the 21st annual College of Saint Elizabeth Week of Holocaust Remembrance, including “The Last Klezmer” program and the Kristallnacht commemoration with Anti-Defamation League director Abraham H. Foxman providing his testimony as a hidden child in Poland (“College dedicates week to Holocaust,” Nov. 3).

Many of those who have come to our campus for these programs have told us that they are both surprised and impressed by what they have experienced. Our ambitious programs at this time of Kristallancht, and also in the spring for Yom Hashoa, are planned for our students, survivors, teachers, and the community without charge. I am proud to be at an institution that aims as part of its mission as a Catholic college to ensure remembrance of the Holocaust and to do so with high-quality programs that have integrity and meaning, so that “never again” really means something.

Harriet Sepinwall
Professor of Holocaust Studies
Codirector, Holocaust Education Resource Center
College of Saint Elizabeth

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