Writer as entertainer

Writer as entertainer

Opinion writer Jonathan S. Tobin seems to be speaking to a Jewish Fox News audience with a loaded message and loaded terms (“Is Trump ‘resistance’ harming fight against anti-Semitism?” Jan. 2). His exaggeration and hyperbole reminds me of a few members of my very large clan back in Wisconsin. They seem to get on with name calling and see a huge anti-Israel, anti-Jewish menace on the Left. Not surprisingly, they watch and spout Fox News. It’s kind of amusing, but I see a very small minority with those opinions and certainly not something to make me want to stop the effort to dump President Donald Trump.

I think that Tobin, like Fox News, is more of an entertainer than a scientist and that is also a problem for Jews like me who want to steer a center, fact-based course.

Perry Cohn

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