Wrong on Israel, best for America

Wrong on Israel, best for America

President Obama is wrong on Israel.  There, this liberal Democrat said it.  President Obama is wrong on Israel. But does that mean that Jews should not support him in 2012?

One of the things Jews strive to do is TIKKUN OLAM, the correction of the world.  We work for or support a whole array of causes and organizations that help people improve their lot in life.  These can include: civil rights, jobs, equality, freedom of choice, voting rights, a fair and equitable tax system, environmental protection, health care, senior citizens, equal pay for equal work, fair wages, education, the poor, and on and on.

Traditionally, it has been mostly the Democrats who have been in favor of these things.  That is why we as Jews have mostly supported Democrats and Democratic causes. (Yes, some Republicans do support some of them as well.)

From the political discussion, debates, actions in Congress, actions in the State Legislatures, what I have heard about the platforms of the two parties, and the “talking heads” on television it appears that the Republicans are intent on doing away with much of the progress made in the past.  They want to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and the needy while giving more tax breaks to the wealthy.   They propose huge cuts in discretionary spending that will hurt the most needy.  These will affect many of the areas mentioned.

If President Obama is defeated, I am certain that the Republican president will work to undo all that has been gained. 

We live in America.  Our primary concern must be what we feel in best for America.   Yes, Israel is very important.  But, we need to put America first.

So even though President Obama is wrong on Israel we as Jews need to support his re-election for the sake of America.

Sid Morginstin

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