You bet your logo

You bet your logo

It takes a lot of chutzpa to mess with the iconic I Love New York logo created in 1977 by the legendary late Milton Glaser.

Last week, New York Mayor Eric Adams — who is known to have spent a lot of time on the Jersey side of the bridge — unveiled a mutant version of the classic logo. The new logo dropped its predecessor’s taut typography for an awkward, emoji-flavored heart and replaced NY with NYC.

Wall Street Journal reporter Katie Deighton snarked, “Milton Glaser kerning in his grave,” and she’s definitely on to something.

But so too, we believe, is the multitalented Noah Diamond, author of “Gimme a Thrill: The Story of I’ll Say She Is, the Lost Marx Brothers Musical, and How it was Found.” Rather than torch the darkness of the new design, he offered his own suggestion. His version replaced the far-too-sentimental-for-Gotham heart with the suitably ironic, theatrical, and wise-guy visage of Manhattan’s native son, Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx.

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