American Jews, pathetic and pitiable, must reclaim their power

American Jews, pathetic and pitiable, must reclaim their power

Of all the lies told by the antisemites about the Jews, two stand out the most. The first, that we mix Christian blood into our matzahs. In this age of Ozempic, no Jewish man, let alone woman, would tolerate the extra and unnecessary calories. We’ll have to go back to vegan blood.

The second is the absolute lie that the Jews, especially the Americans, control the world. We control absolutely nothing, not even our wholly owned media outlets.

Case in point, for two years my daughter Rochel Leah and I hammered away at the sewer of antisemitism being broadcast daily by Candace Owens on the yarmulke-wearing Orthodox Jewish Daily Wire (or as I call it, the Daily Liar), saying Jews killed Michael Jackson, set up P Diddy and other black entertainers to blackmail them, are guilty of genocide in Gaza, and, finally, the straw that broke the camel’s back, that Rabbi Shmuley is drunk on Christian blood (actually, I prefer Hindu and Buddhist blood for the calories-related reason I cited above).

The very next day after this newspaper published my column describing in detail Candace Owens’ execrable defamation of the Jews, Ben Shapiro was forced to fire her. And if Shapiro had any decency, he would donate the millions he made off Owens to the families of the October 7 massacre and the widows of the IDF Gaza war, instead of pocketing it all for a Florida speedboat. Likewise, he would clean house of the sewer of antisemitism that persists at the Daily Wire, with CEO Jeremy Boreing just law week calling rabbis “whores,” being guilty of both misogyny (this is ultimate degrading term for women) as well as antisemitism. Boreing should be immediately terminated.

But all this is just one example in a long litany of powerlessness of the American Jewish community, which has become incredibly pathetic. For decades, as he rose through the rungs of American political power, Chuck Schumer has told us his name is Hebrew and means “Shomer,” protector of Israel. Actually, a less charitable definition is that the name is North German and, according to Webster’s, actually translates as “good-for-nothing” and “vagabond.” But let’s go with the more noble “Protector of Israel” he cites.

Where was that in evidence on March 15, when Schumer called for Bibi, the elected prime minister of Israel, to call for new elections after having won what no one doubts was an unquestionably fair election, and to do so in middle of a war. That same weekend Vladimir Putin, who had just murdered the impossibly courageous Alexy Navalny won 88% of the vote in Russia. But Schumer did not call for his removal. Bashar Al Assad had already murdered 600,000 Arabs. But Schumer allowed him to remain in power. The mullahs of Iran are evil incarnate, torturing women to death for showing strands of hair, stoning them to death, and hanging LGBTQ Iranians from cranes in town squares. But Schumer had not a world to say about any of them.

No, he attacked only the Jewish prime minister of Israel, although he alone actually won a democratic election. Schumer’s speech – delivered by the highest ranking Jewish official in American history — will live in infamy in the annals of the U.S. Senate.

But notice, the very next day, we couldn’t even summon a minyan of men or women to protest outside his office. Had he demanded Mahmoud Abbas, the kleptocratic billionaire head of the PA who is in the 19th year of a four-year term, be sent to elections, the Palestinian protesters would have swarmed all of central Manhattan. But not us Jews. We are cowardly, voiceless, and powerless.

Something has got to change. It must change. There is no choice but to have it change.

My organization, the World Values Newtork, stands for one big idea. NEVER ALLOW A SINGLE LIE ABOUT THE JEWS TO GO UNDEFENDED. ALWAYS ATTACK THE LIARS WHO SEEK TO PUSH US CLOSER TO HITLER’S TRAINS. We have spent tens of millions of dollars on full-page ads in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and countless other publications, bringing the fight to the worst liars about the Jewish people. But we can’t do any of this without help.

Where is the full-page ad this week when America’s most listened-to podcaster, Joe Rogan, accuses the Jews of perpetrating “a small holocaust” and a genocide? What, pray tell me, is a small holocaust? Was six million not enough for you, Joe? There were actually 12 million Jews in Europe, and Hitler, failing miserably at his job of promising to annihilate all the Jews, only murdered half of us. Is that too small for you?

And Joe, who is an ignorant bigot, lies brazenly about Israel’s actions in Gaza. Firstly, Israel always warns civilians if it is going to attack a civilian area, which Hamas uses as human shields, to eliminate the terrorists. The Allies in the Second World War, who carpet bombed Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Tokyo, Essen, and Cologne, and atomic-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, of course never even considered doing anything that tactically dumb, because it would have gotten their pilots murdered.

Second, unlike Churchill, who allowed the Royal Air Force to fly only at night to area bomb Germany and protect his pilots, the IAF uses only precision air strikes. If Israel wanted to flatten Gaza it would’ve done so in just a few hours on October 8. All the suffering and death in Gaza is due to Hamas. It is Hamas alone that brought a holocaust level day of extinction to Israel on October 7.

I welcome a debate with Joe Rogan on the issue at any time or place. I suspect he’s a coward who will not debate me. Over the last months I have debated on international TV, in appearances that have garnered a combined more than 100 million views, the most disgusting antisemites on earth. From Cenk Uygur, who actually and shamelessly calls his podcast “The Young Turks,” who perpetrated the Armenian genocide to demented conspiracy theorist Alex Jones just last week, to America’s most self-hating Jew Norman Finkelstein, to the truly poisonous Islamist Mohammed Hijab, live in London, who the very next day tweeted images of my brave IDF combat soldiers sons in body bags, God forbid, something that was immediately reported to the FBI and Scotland Yard.

Will Joe Rogan be brave enough to debate me?

Joe, you cannot accuse the Jews of a holocaust and dismiss their own suffering during the holocaust by saying that they are repeating what was done to them. Are you really implying that the Jews need to endure another holocaust at the hands of Hamas and have no right to defend themselves? How do you not understand that Hamas builds all of its terror infrastructure under schools, nurseries, private homes, and hospitals? For 18 years, Khaled Mashaal and Ismail Haniyeh, the leaders of Hamas, stole literally billions of dollars of food and international aid from the Palestinians and now live in penthouses in Qatar while flying around in private Gulfstream jets. Your silence on these monsters is deafening. What you were saying about Israel is a true and unacceptable blood libel. It’s beneath you. I demand that you debate me now.

The utter powerlessness of the Jewish community continued a few days later when Germany began condemning not Hamas who steals all the food trucks coming into Gaza, but Israel, for starvation in Gaza. Here is the New York Times: “With international outrage growing over a death toll that Gazan health authorities say exceeds 32,000, and the looming prospect of famine in the enclave, German officials have begun to question whether their country’s support has gone too far.” Too far? After a holocaust-level-day of extinction on October 7? Imagine the chutzpah. Germany of all nations has begun lecturing Israel about its “crimes” in Gaza. Let me be clear. The stain of the holocaust will not be removed from Germany for thousands of years. The crimes of Germany’s older generation, who are still alive, are monstrous beyond all human comprehension and have no precedent in world history.

We Jews are powerful? Seriously? When we can even be lectured to by Germany about the value of human life? We will fight the genocidal savages of Hamas, for whom Hitler is a hero and whose work they have pledged to finish, with or without Germany’s poisoned blessing. They should be ashamed.

And as far as how much we American Jews control the press and the media, all you have to do is look at the opening monologue of this past week’s Saturday Night Live where Arab-American “comedian” Ramy Youssef took a disgusting swipe at Israel on a live broadcast. He called for the liberation of Palestine, even though even the most left-wing, Jew-hating academic at any Ivy League university will confirm to you that a country named Palestine never ever existed and was the name that the Romans, under Hadrian, gave to replace the name Judea to punish the Jews after the Bar Kochva revolt. Palestine was not used again until 1922 and the League of Nations’ British Mandate, and then both Jews and Arabs were called Palestinians. Read a damned book, Rami, before you humiliate yourself on national TV. Even when he said “Free ALL the hostages” he had to add ALL because he means the Palestinian terrorists being held by Israel, as if they’re the same as the innocents taken on October 7 and being raped as we speak.

American Jews are not only not all-powerful, we are incredibly weak. When we publicly march, however occasionally, we march quietly and with maybe too much dignity, almost as if to show how reasonable we are, when we really should be outraged and should make noise.

When SNL attacks the Jews, we actually laugh. Haha. October 7 murdered 1,200 Jews, and all NBC can tell us is that it’s time to Free Palestine. How hilarious.

When Jewish Senate majority leaders attack their fellow Jews, we grumble, perhaps a bit, and then fill his coffers with campaign contributions the next day.

And if we don’t’ regain our voice, our power, our courage, and our outrage, then believe me, that train platform that all of us fear — by which time we have no decision left solely as to whether to be shot on the spot or murdered at the camps later — is coming closer and closer.

Believe me, there is a huge groundswell of our non-Jewish brothers and sisters who love our people and Israel — national polls show them at 70% of the American electorate — but who have been, with the exception of evangelical Christians, the silent majority, because we Jews are failing to lead them to a loud and overwhelming majority. I meet these kids of the righteous among the nations every day of my life.

It’s time for a new movement of Jews and non-Jews coming together to fight for Israel and against antisemitism. It’s time for Jewish power now!

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of Englewood is the author of “Kosher Hate” and the “The Israel Warrior.” Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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