Movie to feature NJ man who sued Iran

Movie to feature NJ man who sued Iran

Alisa Flatow, the victim of a terrorist attack in 1995
Alisa Flatow, the victim of a terrorist attack in 1995

A feature film is being made about Stephen Flatow, the West Orange man who successfully sued Iran after his daughter was killed in 1995 by Palestinian suicide bombers whose attack the Islamic Republic helped fund.

AG Capital is partnering with Scott LaStaiti on the project, Variety reported March 3.

A Brandeis University junior who was studying at an Israeli yeshiva for a semester, Alisa Flatow, 20, was one of eight people killed in an Islamic Jihad attack while on a bus headed for a resort in a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip.

Stephen Flatow sued the government of Iran as a state sponsor of terror and also exposed corruption within the international banking system.

Producers are meeting with writers and directors about the project. 

“Stephen’s story is truly extraordinary, the very heart of which is a father’s unwavering love for his daughter,” LaStaiti told Variety. “In his relentless pursuit of justice for his daughter’s murder, he uncovered a much deeper conspiracy which reveals systemic injustices still in place today.”

Flatow fought for what is now called the Flatow Amendment, a provision enabling U.S. citizens to sue foreign countries for damages in cases of state-sponsored terrorism. In the suit he filed afterward, he was awarded a judgment against the Islamic Republic of Iran and found that several major banks, including Credit Suisse, Barclays, and HSBC, were creating fraudulent documents and laundering money for the Iranians.

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