New Jersey Jewish biz group has new VP

New Jersey Jewish biz group has new VP

Ameya S. Pendse (Courtesy NJJBA)
Ameya S. Pendse (Courtesy NJJBA)

Ameya S. Pendse, a lawyer from North Brunswick, is the New Jersey Jewish Business Alliance’s vice president of communications.

Mr. Pendse is a practicing lawyer specializing in U.S. franchise law and U.S. and Canadian immigration law. He is licensed to practice in New Jersey, New York, Texas, North Carolina, the District of Columbia, and Ontario, Canada, and manages his own practice in New Jersey. Mr. Pendse received his Master of Laws degree in business law from Tel Aviv University, his Juris Doctor in law and master’s degree in diplomacy and international relations from Seton Hall Law, and his bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Canada.

“The alliance has seen tremendous growth, providing opportunities for business expansion and development in New Jersey,” the group’s executive director, David Rosenberg, said. “Approximately 35,000 individuals are employed by the various members of the alliance, and keeping in constant communication with our members is of utmost importance to us.

“Ameya’s expertise, passion, and dedication will help us strengthen our voice and amplify our impact. I look forward to having him on our team and together we can build a brighter future for our community with effective communication.”

Mr. Pendse’s role as vice president of communications includes organizing and participating in meetings between the alliance and federal, state, and local government representatives. He will also coordinate community outreach projects between the alliance and other stakeholders, and he will work closely with alliance members to inform them of events and initiatives, involving them as much as possible, as well as listening and attending to concerns regarding the challenges facing the business community.

Mr. Pendse is a member of the Indian-Jewish community (Bene-Israel) and has worked with various Jewish organizations as a student, including Taglit-Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, Chabad, and Israel on Campus. He also was a Sloan Fellow with the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative and was the president of the Jewish Law Student Association at Seton Hall Law.

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