No minyan of Trump voters

No minyan of Trump voters

I agree with Gary Rosenblatt in “Religious leaders should confront Trump head-on” (Aug. 31). To be on a call is not to support the views or actions of the caller, even if it is the president of the United States. In this particular case, it is to say that we appreciate being a part of the dialogue and having access to power that as a people we have been denied for millennia. We cannot be so fearful that we raise the specter of the end of democracy under this president and yet be so willing to walk away.   

In addition, the leaders of organizations have a responsibility to separate their personal sentiments from those of the organization. I am pretty confident that we could not raise a minyan of Trump voters from the leadership of the local rabbis quoted in the companion article, “Most local clergy say ‘no’ to pre-Rosh HaShanah chat.” When Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist organizations line up in such a partisan way they put much at risk.  

Jonathan Hirst

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