RIETS launches certificate in Jewish bioethics, master’s degree in Hebrew literature

RIETS launches certificate in Jewish bioethics, master’s degree in Hebrew literature

Rabbi Kalman Laufer, left, and Rabbi Yaakov Taubes
Rabbi Kalman Laufer, left, and Rabbi Yaakov Taubes

Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary has announced that it is launching two new programs in the fall — a certificate in Jewish bioethics and a master’s degree in Hebrew literature.

Certificate in bioethics:

With the latest advances and breakthroughs in the medical field, new challenges arise that uniquely affect the Orthodox community.  The certificate in bioethics program’s goal is to train healthcare professionals and interested community members, both male and female, about how to apply halacha in medical and clinical settings.

Headed by Rabbi Kalman Laufer, the program focuses on fundamental halachic questions that pose challenges and provides solutions for patients, their families, and clinicians. “The certificate in Jewish bioethics concentrates on a practical approach to bioethics governed by Jewish Law in the secular clinical setting,” Rabbi Laufer said.  “Practicing clinicians,  chaplains, aspiring medical professionals, and professionals who work closely with families will be able to gain a better understanding of the framework of bioethics and help their patients, families, and care teams navigate the challenges posed in a secular healthcare setting.”

Master’s degree in Hebrew literature:

The new MHL program offers flexible morning seder with options to study Gemara and/or halacha as well as additional afternoon seder focusing on shas sugyas. The program offers an accredited degree under the New York department of education and can be completed in one year.

“The new RIETS MHL is designed for those who wish to study in yeshiva at a high level, benefit from our stellar rebbeim and beit midrash, while pursuing a New York State-recognized degree,” program director Rabbi Yaakov Taubes said.

RIETS offers the highest level of study from some of the most esteemed roshei yeshiva in the United States, and these two programs fulfill an important need for rabbinical students and members of the community. Registration for both programs is now open.

For more information on the bioethics certificate, email Rabbi Kalman Laufer at kalman.laufer@yu.edu. Email rietsmhl@yu.edu for information about the master’s degree in Hebrew literature.

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