Stephen Colbert calls for Chanukah movies

Stephen Colbert calls for Chanukah movies

’Tis the season when the lack of Jewish-themed cheesy holiday movies becomes oppressively noticeable.

But now that complaint, and humorous suggestions for cheesy Chanukah plots worthy of Hallmark Channel production, has been picked up by Steven Colbert of Montclair (not a Jew).

On Monday night, he gave Jewish viewers of the “Late Show” a special Chanukah: a bit about the lack of Chanukah movies in a society saturated with Christmas movies.

Noting the nearly 150 Christmas movies that will be released by channels such as Lifetime and Hallmark this year, Colbert lamented that there were hardly any Chanukkah-themed movies.

“That is a shanda, everyone deserves holiday movies,” Colbert said, using the Yiddish word for “shame.”

Then he cut to a video of fake “brand new Chanukkah classics.”

The bit opened with a rom-com trailer in which a man carrying a bag of oil and a woman carrying a bag of potatoes collide on the sidewalk while searching in vain for the other ingredients they need to make latkes. The trailer then shows the two of them sharing a latke, “Lady and the Tramp”-style.

“The only thing that lasts longer than the oil in the Temple is romance,” the trailer proclaims.

The other titles in the video include a courtroom drama in which a latke is “Gelt-y as Charged,” and a James Bond reference, “Casino Dreidale,” as well as “Eight Knights of Chanukkah,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rabbi” and “I Wish We Celebrated Christmas.”

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