Bris Avrohom holds annual dinner

Bris Avrohom holds annual dinner

Bris Avrohom held its 42nd annual dinner in a decorated tent on the shul’s front lawn on November 7.

Hillside Mayor Dahlia Vertreese, left, with Union County Commissioner Angela Garretson, Jenny Davis of the Port Authority, PATH director/general manager Clarelle DeGraffe, and Shterney and Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky of Bris Avrohom.

Bris Avrohom is an educational organization that the Lubavitcher rebbe founded in 1979 to assist Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Throughout the past 42 years it has provided services to the Jewish community, touching the lives of 40,000 people through Jewish life-cycle events, education for the young and old, holiday gatherings, pre-school, Sunday school, and day camps.

Hillside police chief Vincent Ricciardi, left, with Hillside fire department chief Douglas Ferrigno, Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-Dist. 30), Rabbi Mordechai Kanelsky, and PATH captain Steven Yablonsky. (Photos courtesy Bris Avrohom)

The theme of the dinner was hakaras hatov, as Bris Avrohom expressed its gratitude to those who help it in furthering Jewish awareness in the state of New Jersey. This year, executives of the Port Authority were honored in anticipation of Chanukah, when Bris Avrohom displays 140 menorahs, many on Port Authority of New York/New Jersey’s structured, which 28 million travelers see on tunnels, bridges, airports, and bus terminals.

Levi and Rivki Kumer, received the Young Leadership Award. They were honored for their involvement in building and encouraging the young community in Hillside.

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