Chabad offers suicide prevention workshop for teens, adults

Chabad offers suicide prevention workshop for teens, adults

CHAVA BEKHOR, who runs the CTeen program of Chabad of Randolph, has comforted her share of parents grieving the loss of a child to suicide. “Instead of just watching things happen, let’s do something about it,” she decided.

Chabad of Randolph will be offering two suicide prevention workshops: one Monday evening, Oct. 28, for professionals, parents, and area residents and one Sunday, Nov. 3, for teens. Both will be led by Leigh Hershkovich, who is certified to provide the 3.5-hour training known as safeTALK. Recognized by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, it stands for Suicide Awareness for Everyone, and it involves learning to recognize warning signs, communicating with the person at-risk, and accessing further resources. It’s a project developed by LivingWorks, a suicide prevention organization founded in 1983. safeTALK has been available since 2006.

Bekhor told NJJN that the mission of Chabad is to connect people to God and Judaism, and that through CTeen, she helps young people fill their spiritual needs. But she added, “There’s no point in getting a child connected to Judaism if they’re a mess inside and they’re ready to commit suicide.”

The fee to attend either session is $18; for more information and
to register contact — NJJN Staff

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