First cohort of Sacks Scholars returns from Jerusalem

First cohort of Sacks Scholars returns from Jerusalem

Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Sinensky of the Main Line Classical Academy in Philadelphia, the Lamm Heritage Archives in New York, and of the Lehrhaus, who grew up in Teaneck, was among the inaugural cohort of Sacks Scholars. The group of 26 Jewish educators and communal professionals met in Jerusalem recently for a four-day immersive learning experience led by the Rabbi Sacks Legacy. It launched a year-long initiative to cultivate a network of Rabbi Sacks-inspired scholars. The group immersed themselves in Torah discussions and Rabbi Sacks’ philosophical teachings, while exploring his unique approach to leadership.

“It is humbling and inspiring for me to be a part of this program,” Rabbi Sinensky said. “I had an opportunity to know Rabbi Sacks over the years as I hosted him in Philadelphia. There was this sense of royalty and majesty around him, yet it was always amazing to me how he was not only able to connect with all kinds of people, but students in particular. They were in awe after he spoke with them and they remembered what he taught. It was a fantastic experience for me.”

Program participants came from the United States, Israel, Australia, Canada, the U.K., and South Africa. According to Rabbi Sacks’ widow, Lady Elaine Sacks: “My family and I are so appreciative of these wonderful educators from around the world who are committed to transmitting the Torah of my dear husband. They will be able to share his teachings with even more people, particularly with the next generation, adding to his legacy and impact.”

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