Flavors for a Borsht Belt summer

Flavors for a Borsht Belt summer

As summer grows hot and news grows slow, our friends at Manischewitz’s product development team — well, at least their social media team — celebrated the Fourth of July by announcing three new flavors of ice cream on its Twitter feed.

Under the slogan “ice cream with a lick of chutzpah,” Manischewitz presented product mock-ups for packages of ice cream containing gefilte fish, matzo balls, and black and white cookies.

Can an established company succeed as it enters the crowded frozen treats market with ice cream targeting the nostalgic tastebuds of a notoriously lactose intolerant people?

Should Ben and Jerry’s be worried?

As of this writing, Unilever, Ben and Jerry’s parent company, is down .92% on the New York Stock Exchange. Manischewitz is privately held.

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