JFS MetroWest installs new officers

JFS MetroWest installs new officers

In accordance with the bylaws of Jewish Family Service of MetroWest, new members were elected to its executive board and board. Melanie Levitan is the immediate past president and Andrea G. Bier is the incoming president. Shari Brandt, Pamela Davis, Michael Elchoness, Linda Jacobs, Jeff Shapiro, and Rachel G. Wilf and vice presidents, Steven Glass is the treasurer, and Pamela Fishman is the secretary.

Nicole Levitt, Emily Neider, and Stephen Weinstein were nominated for an initial two-year term that will end in June 2024. Pam Fishman, Lisa Lindauer, and Carrie Nussbaum were nominated for a first three-year term, to end in June 2025, and Eta Levenson and Rachel G. Wilf were nominated for a second three-year term, to end in June 2025.

Amy Black, Emily Kirshenbaum, Shari Brandt, Michael Levinson, Rachel Braverman, Robert Marcus, Alan Cohen, Lawrence Rein, Fred Cohen, Mark Roffman, Seth Cohen, Sandra Z. Rosenbaum, Pamela Davis, Peter Sayre, Michael Elchoness, Jeff Shapiro, Steven Glass, David Sorkin, Linda Jacobs, Rita Yohalem, A. Gary Katz, and Judith Zaks are the trustees whose board terms continue. Robin Polson is the Rachel Coalition Steering committee chair ; her term ends in June 2023.

Thelma Florin, Jordana Horn-Gordon, Merle Kalishman, Steven Kany, Stephen Lampf, Jed Marcus, Jean Rich, and Barbara Sebiri are retiring from the board or rotating off it. Their service was recognized with great gratitude.

Eta Levenson and Barbara Sebiri co-chaired the JFS nominating committee with Melanie Levitan, Steven Glass, Pam Davis, Thelma Florin, Merle Kalishman, and Rachel G. Wilf as members.

Jewish Family Service of MetroWest is a comprehensive social service agency providing mental health counseling and support services on a non-discriminatory basis. JFS offers an expanding number of programs to increasing numbers of people. For children and families, JFS provides individual, couple, child, and family counseling, play therapy, support groups, school and synagogue-based social work services, family life education and other assistance needed to support healthy families. Rachel Coalition, a division of JFS, provides domestic violence services for all members of the family affected by domestic violence. JFS also offers a wide range of services for older adults and their families including case management services, counseling, caregiver education, volunteer friendly visitors, and specialized programs for Holocaust survivors. For more information, call (973) 765-9050 or go to jfsmetrowest.org.

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