Morris County shul renames its religious school

Morris County shul renames its religious school

Ron Brandt, left, with Leron, Dean, Neeve, Maya, Naama, and Amir Hadar; and Rabbi Menashe East. (Courtesy MFJC)
Ron Brandt, left, with Leron, Dean, Neeve, Maya, Naama, and Amir Hadar; and Rabbi Menashe East. (Courtesy MFJC)

The Mount Freedom Jewish Center in Randolph is renaming its Hebrew school. Its new name is the Hadar Family Hebrew School.

Shul members Naama and Amir Hadar presented the shul with a generous gift. “Naama and Amir Hadar’s gift to the MFJC is an inspiring mitzvah,” Rabbi Menashe East said. “Their vision of Jewish continuity tied to Jewish education is at once timeless and yet novel.”

Ron Brandt, a shul lay leader, said, “The Mount Freedom Jewish Center is welcoming; a special place filled with ruach. We have a sense of purpose as a community, and we support each other. The dedication of Naama and Amir Hadar to Jewish education exemplifies MFJC core values.”

The Hadar family, formerly of Randolph, now of Mendham — including parents Naama and Amir and their children Leron, Neeve, Dean, and Maya — have deep connections to Israel, the Hebrew language, and Jewish continuity. Amir Hadar, who is Israeli born and American raised, has a special passion for the mother tongue and the importance of Jewish education and affiliation with the State of Israel for his children and all Jewish children living in the diaspora.

This donation is a part of the 20-plus years that Mr. Hadar has spent engaged in furthering Jewish education and the relationship between the state of Israel and the Jewish diaspora, describing Israel as “a blanket of security we’re fortunate to have.”

Arriving at the MFJC and meeting Rabbi East for the first time to prepare for his oldest son’s bar mitzvah, Amir was very much impressed with the “unique sense of community (at MFJC) which I have rarely seen elsewhere,” calling Rabbi East “an inspiration to all who are fortunate to know him.

“From the moment I set foot in the MFJC I knew that it was not only a warm place of worship, but also a place that encourages a love for and meaning of the State of Israel in its congregants,” he said.

Mr. Hadar’s philanthropy has ties to his Jewish roots as the eighth generation descendant of the founder of the Chabad movement, Rabbi Shenur Zalman of Liadi (also known as the Alter-Rebbe). This ancestry fuels the Hadars’ work in the community and the donation to the shul.

Rabbi East hopes that generations of Jews in Morris County will benefit from Amir and Naama Hadar’s gift.

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