New Jersey campaign launched to boost college degree completion

New Jersey campaign launched to boost college degree completion

The Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) in New Jersey has announced the launch of “Some College, No Degree,” a digital campaign encouraging individuals to return to college and complete their degrees.

Over 750,000 NJ residents have yet to complete their degree programs.

The new OSHE website serves as a comprehensive hub providing prospective students with a wealth of resources, including academic advising and information about the state’s educational institutions. The website includes testimonials from individuals who have successfully reentered college to complete their degrees.

The campaign’s primary objective is to provide accessible information and support individuals to make informed decisions about returning to college and pursuing their educational goals. It offers returning students prior learning assessments (PLAs), details about in-demand programs, and information addressing material hardships such as food, housing, childcare, transportation, health, legal aid, and tax assistance.

OSHE’s website features a form that connects students with staff at select institutions who can offer additional resources about their schools and guide them through enrollment. It also provides comprehensive financial aid information, outlines state-provided supports, and highlights in-demand industries in New Jersey.

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